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June 26th 03, 01:32 PM
I have it; my Hughes E86 went bad and they shipped me a new one. I just
shipped them back the old one. About 6 mos later my T-60 went (Loading
Series error)...I called DirecTv and they shipped me a HDVR2 and I shipped
back my old DirecTivo postage paid. All in all it has worked out so far.

"MegaZone" > wrote in message
> "J. Harvey" > shaped the electrons to say:
> >In other words, someone offers you something at "only $1 per month", you
> >should instantly convert it in your head to "$100 cash equivalent" as a
> >rough guide.
> If someone makes an offer of $1 a month for 8 years or $96 up front -
> the $1 a month is the better value. Because you get the value of the
> money longer, whereas with the lump sum they get to ear the interest
> over that period.
> It is never that simple of course. The current price on a DirecTiVo
> is $5/month, the current lifetime (on a standalone, since it is no
> longer offered on DTV) is $399. That's 6.65 years for a straight
> break-even, but it'd really be longer than that because of the
> interest value of the money, etc. That's longer than most people are
> likely to have a unit, and since the fee is per account, homes with
> multiple units have a better value.
> For a standalone it is $12.95 or $399 - breakeven is only 2.57 years
> for direct value. Even though it is really a bit longer, even TiVo
> expects the average useful lifetime of a unit to be 4 years. So
> lifetime is a better value, easily.
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