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July 3rd 03, 07:34 PM
>>On Thu, 3 Jul 2003, Bob Nielsen wrote:
> There is only one decoder in the HDVR2, so you will not be able to do
> that. You could record the second channel digitally on the HDVR2 and
> copy it to the VCR at a later time, however.
> The HDVR2 has two sets of audio/video outputs as well as an RF output,
> so you need to feed one of these to the VCR.

The Hughes HDVR2 has TWO inputs...You can watch one channel off of DTV
while recording another (or record two and watch a third, pre-recorded

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David Levy
July 3rd 03, 09:04 PM
In part, wrote:

> The Hughes HDVR2 has TWO inputs...

Yes, but it has only *one* MPEG2 decoder. (enabling the ability to
output the signal of one tuner at any given time)

Mike (the original poster) seemed to be asking if he could view one
tuner's program while simultaneously sending the other tuner's program
to his VCR. Bob correctly informed him that this isn't possible, but
that he can record the second program on the TiVo's hard disk drive.
(and later transfer it to videotape -- provided that another show
isn't being viewed at the time)

Jack Ak
July 10th 03, 09:58 PM
"Mike M. Miskulin" > wrote in message ...
> I'm about to buy this unit, but have a question
> regarding its use if you could help.
> If I have a dual LNB dish hooked up, and I also
> hook up a VCR, what signal is going to the VCR?
> I know that with dual LNB I can watch live, and
> record a different signal on the TIVO part of it,
> but if I wanted to make a tape on the VCR instead
> (to watch at my vacation home), is it possible
> to still watch live and record a differnt channel
> on the vcr?
The VCR will receive the same HDVR2 program you are viewing
with the TV set. There is only one source fed to the multiple
output connectors. You will need one more DirecTV receiver
to watch and record to a VCR, different programs at the same time.