View Full Version : Re: Heater or Cover. Which is better?

July 9th 03, 01:36 AM
I have a 2-LNB KTI Oval satellite dish that supports a DirecTV/DVR
(TiVo).I use a ZIA dish heater.It is essentially a heating pad attached
to an inline thermostat that is plugged in to a weatherproof outdoor
outlet.The pad itself is glued to the back of the dish (weatherproof
adhesive).You had better be sure though once you remove the backing and
seat the pad that it is where you want it,because it doe not remove
easily.Make sure that no bubbles remain either.
You can pick up this item from most hardware stores ( I got mine from
an ACE hardware store ) for $69.95.I like the convenience.Once it starts
snowing,I plug it in and it keeps my dish ice and snow free.While it is
plugged in,the thermostat activates at 40=B0 F. and shuts off again once
it reaches 60=B0F,or you can unplug it at your convenience.