View Full Version : DTV para Todos (Directv Plus) HDTV antenna

August 12th 03, 06:34 AM
I have a DTV para Todos (Directv Plus) HDTV antenna. It was installed by a
local DTV tech, as my roomie works for DTV. It is hooked up with a 4x4
multiswitch going to 4 B 50 receivers and P4 cards.

I saw that the Sat A antenna signal strength was about 50, and I thought
that was low. I adjusted the elevation on the dish and got Sat A LNB up to
77 (much better). I do not have the Sat B or C LNB's hooked up yet, so I
checked their signal strength at their pigtails. Signals sucked even worse
at 30 or so. I adjusted the elevation of the Sat C antenna and it went to
88 or so. This was also where Sat B was the best. But then Sat A was about
50. readjusting Sat A brought B and C down. Any idea how to get the best
reception on all three at the same time?

Azimuth 137 and elevation 46

Thanks for the help!