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Default Freesat Dish Question

John Russell wrote:

Felicity S. wrote:
Gwyn wrote:
Krustov wrote:

They cant even work out that a sky box will probably sell for more
money on ebay than a old freesat box .

most people who get freesat are doing it for HD you'd be mad to pay
for sd freesat when you get sky sd for 75 GBP.

We've already worked out that the MINIMUM cost, taking advantage of all
special offers, of a "75" Sky HD recorder is 1,665 over five years.

Shear spin!

Not spin at all, sheer or otherwise.

Your implying "all" the costs of getting SKY are down to owning a SKY HD

You're implying that I'm trying to get Sky, I'm not.

Most of the cost is down to subscribing to channels whatever SKY box you
use. If you want those channels (only an idiot would have subscription
TV if they don't offer something they want!)

There's no point in subscribing to Sky if you hate sport & love movies.

then HD is an "additional cost".

You misunderstand; subscribing is an additional cost to getting HD via
the route of Sky's "75" offer - which costs 1,665 over five years.


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