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Default Freesat Dish Question

On Mon, 04 Aug 2008 21:14:16 BST, "Felicity S." [email protected] wrote:

Nigel Barker wrote:

Felicity S. wrote:
Gwyn wrote:
Krustov wrote:

They cant even work out that a sky box will probably sell for more
money on ebay than a old freesat box .

most people who get freesat are doing it for HD you'd be mad to pay
for sd freesat when you get sky sd for 75 GBP.

We've already worked out that the MINIMUM cost, taking advantage of all
special offers, of a "75" Sky HD recorder is 1,665 over five years.

The "Pay Once Watch Forever" promotion for "just 75 pounds" is actually
a good deal. You get a dish installed & a standard digibox plus four
months of subscription TV worth 78 pounds. Just remember to cancel the
subscription before the four months is up.

Assuming (and in my experience this is a dangerous assumption) that
there are no further hidden costs, it's effectively an installation
charge of 75 which is higher than that quoted for Freesat. Yes?

The standard price quoted for a Freesat installation is 80 pounds. So this deal
saves five pounds & gives you a free new Sky digibox.

The only drawback is that it is only available to those who have never
had a subsidised Sky installation before. I would guess there are now
very few who quality as most of those who might be interested in
satellite TV will have had Sky at some time in the past.

Won't such people already have a dish, merely needing realignment?

I was thinking more of the fact that the only way to get the 'free' digibox is
with the installation which is only available to people who have never had any
subsidised offer from Sky before.


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