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Default Nothing worth bothering about on tv

I'm too much of a scrooge to subscribe for Telly stuff myself, If there was
a family with diverse interests, then fine but for me, nah..
I also feel that for us older folk who have enquiring minds there is a
tendency for many programs to be simply retreads of better but older
alternatives we have seen. I think there may well be a need for more
technical programming. Maybe there is something like this on Youtube but
sadly not much audio description on that.
I'd like a very detailed look into semiconductor design and manufacture,
or how polymer batteries are made, or perhaps more technical descriptions of
the data collected in space missions.

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"Tufnell Park" wrote in message
On 20/08/2019 20:47, Brian Gaff wrote:
I just realised its been over a month since I even bothered to listen to
despite reading the listings of the terrestrial channels, its all
well to me it is. Have I changed or is it that I'm getting a life?

I'm sure you're not the only person to think that, i rarely watch
terrestrial channels theses days.