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Default Vizio TruVolume working backwards!!??

On Saturday, January 30, 2010 4:38:23 PM UTC-5, wrote:
UCLAN wrote:

So, my suggestion of a week ago helped (Vizio 23" Razer LED TV audio
all over the place!!) Have you contacted Vizio? SRS?

No... I haven't contacted them cause number one I want
to make sure I'm not imagining this and wondered if
anyone else has this problem with SRS

And two.... wanted to get my facts together BEFORE

I seriously doubt I will get a straight answer from
either company..... given today's customer service and
I don't relish spending hours on the phone getting a
real human being.

It may just be easier to return to Costco and try
another brand

But thanks for your input

I had an older Vizio sound bar and had to get rid of it because the volume was so unpredictable that the unit was not usable. Called Vizio but they were no help.

I decided to replace it with a newer Visio model, which allows switching the TruVolume feature off. I can live with loud ads (if necessary) but not when the unit randomly drops dialogue so low it's inaudible.