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Default Extortionate price for freesat

On Sat, 24 Aug 2019 19:18:34 +0100, Andy Burns


Andy Burns wrote:

lid wrote:

BT Vision ?

STB that can receive/record freeview, or stream BT programmes over the
internet ... probably killed off by newer BT TV boxes

But they were promising it over their aerial.

Yes, it can receive via an aerial, or stream over broadband.

It's a Freeview PVR and an internet streaming device all in one box,
presumably with the intention of making it less confusing than two
separate boxes, but having said that, the only person I know who's got
one is thoroughly confused by it, and I find it confusing too when I
try to help. The menu system is not very intuitive, and the Freeview
and internet sections respond at vastly different speeds.

My Panasonic Freeview PVR does include some internet services too, but
they take so long to respond that it isn't worth the bother. Some of
them are presented in the form of higher numbers that appear in the
same list as the Freeview channels, and are selected in the same way,
but clearly derive their material from internet sources, after a long
wait, when they work at all. The Panasonic PVR works very well with
Freeview, and the Amazon box works very well with internet sources,
which suggests to me that the use of separate boxes for these services
is better than trying to be too clever by combining them.