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Default Sky 'auto standby' to roll out from today

"Steve Bosman" wrote in message
On Mar 20, 9:49 am, "Ed" wrote:
The boxes will go to "sleep" after 11pm if they detect they have not
been used for two hours.

In principle I agree with this change [1], but I'd like to know how it
copes with the situation of watching a long(ish) film (i.e. longer
than 2 hours) that ends after 11pm. I would hope for, but don't expect
to get, software clever enough to go into standby after the last
selected programme finishes.

I don't know how Sky works it, but what the Virgin V+ box does is that after
midnight if the box isn't being used it shuts down the hard drive and
various other bits, but it doesn't shut off the picture it just puts
"Resting" on the screen at the bottom left.