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Default Sky 'auto standby' to roll out from today

On 20 Mar 2007 02:49:50 -0700, "Ed" wrote:

SKY is to introduce technology that automatically switches digital
boxes to standby mode overnight - slashing energy bills by 7.5MILLION
a year.

The boxes will go to "sleep" after 11pm if they detect they have not
been used for two hours.

How on earth can a broadcaster detect whether a home receiver is being
"used" or not? When I'm "using" a receiver, either to watch a
programme directly, or to make a timed recording from it, I'm not
pushing any buttons or doing anything to it that could possibly be
sensed by the electronics.

Is it perhaps just a crude auto-off timer within the box, based on the
assumption that nobody watches anything longer than two hours, and
always indulges in channel-hopping between programmes? If so, I think
they'll just end up wasting even more time fending off complaints from
their customers who think their receivers have gone faulty, and
explaining to them how to switch this anoying feature off.