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Default Sky 'auto standby' to roll out from today

On Tue, 20 Mar 2007 13:03:10 -0000, "Adrian A"

It will surely not try to shut down if the same programme is being
watched. i.e. it will have to satisfy the following criteria before
shutting down
Is it past 11pm
Has two hours elapsed since last interaction (e.g. button being
pressed on remote) Has the programme being broadcast changed in the
last two hours

Obviously many sports events and movies last over 2 hours and viewers
will not want a banner popping up in the middle saying the box is
going to go to sleep.

Also it's not unheard of for people to watch consecutive programmes on the
same channel.

I already have various bits of equipment such as computers, digital
cameras, phones, and yes TV recording machines - disk and tape - with
"auto-off" or "power save" features, but they're all just simple
timers. If this is all that Sky are proposing, then it's not exactly
new, and in all existing cases I can set the time interval myself or
switch it off. I'm glad I'm not a Sky customer.