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What I do find strange is that there's no cycling on! Team Sky have
dominated the Tour de France because they have a fantastic team,
including of course the overall winner, so why aren't they showing it?


because they don't have the rights - they can't just show things they
haven't paid for.
given that the TDF is on itv4 presumably itv don't consider it very
worthwhile either or it would be on ITV 1
That fly.... Is your magic wand.

It's the big finish today and it is on ITV1. I think ITV's coverage of it
has been very good, Phil Liggett is such a positive commentator. It's also
been on Eurosport, so there's been enough coverage. In a way I'm glad it's
not on Sky because I don't have Sky Sports, but I'm just surprised that
given the amount of their sponsorship (30M according to Wikipedia) that
they're not showing any of it. I guess 30M would be enough to buy coverage