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. uk...
My gnome has arrived. It is made by Global Communications

Initial impression is that it is a bit more substantial than expected,

heavier. Sound quality is OK considering speaker positioning, but a bit
tinny, the metal grills do not help. Will probably use with some small
amplified speakers. Comes with a smaller gnome 'base station'. Connects
the RF, RS232 and audio phonos. Shame no phono loop out so will lose
connection to hi-fi (mini hi-fi with no phono out so need SCART with
breakout I think). For my use, listening to radio 7 etc around home in
highlands where no DAB signal, the gnome should be ideal.


Thanks Roy,i am getting one for the same reason,BBC7,no DAB here in Sligo,
Ireland.I applied for mine through a Northern Ireland address which has
arrived there today!

Having tried with headphones, the quality is much better.