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Default sometimes transferring just dies partway through...

In article m
danny burstein writes:
(if anyone's still around...)

Every so often when I try using TiVo Transfer
with my Mac, only part of the file will
succesfully come across.

Sorry, been semi-offline for a few days.

This is annoyingly familiar, and I've found an unsatisfying answer
by searching online.

Apparently this happens when there is some sort of corruption or
degradation in the stored content on the TiVo (signal glitch, power
twitch when recording, who knows). The playback path works fine
and/or recovers from it, but the file transfer path just quits.

Once I found this explanation, I watched a truncated file to see
where it ended. Then I looked at that part of the show on the TiVo.
There was a tiny "wobble" in the playback. It was nothing I would
have noticed while watching.

I have not put any time into asking whether TiVo is fixing this
issue, but I really wish they would.

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